Helping pets in need

What would you do if you had no money, no credit, and your best friend needed veterinary care?

Many organizations focus on stray animals, from the provincial SPCA’s to breed-specific rescues. With so many pets in need, our organization focuses on the human-animal bond. Love knows no bounds.

People who are experiencing a period of life with low or no income still love and care for their pet companions. When these animals get injured or sick, they need a safety net so they can stay in their loving home. Other organizations will turn ‘owned pets’ away; only help the pet if their owner gives them up. We know that these aren’t just ‘pets’. they are Max, or Sophie, or Clover, or Lil’ Kitty – individuals who have a big job to provide mental health support to their guardians. We want to make sure they get the help they need.

How we’re helping


Take a look at the animals we’re helping

Their stories tell us how animals are our heroes. They give us strength to overcome addiction, face loss, and set goals for the future. Now, the animals need our help. They are sick, or injured – sometimes both.


Get access to the help your pet needs

Are you affected by COVID-19? Experiencing low-income from disability, fleeing from a bad situation, coming out of foster care, or something else? Get more information about our veterinary assistance program.

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