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VHS is a respected voice on animal issues because we use research to ensure our views are factual and evidence-based.  Below are VHS’s most recent opinion editorials published in the media.

Canada needs to take the threat of disease from wildlife seriously

Article originally published in The Province. Despite calls from experts to take action against the global wildlife trade, which scientists believe is a likely source of COVID-19, the response from national governments has been muted and mixed, with virtual silence from Canada. That’s a shame, as there is plenty Canada could do to improve our own safeguards against…

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COVID-19 exposes another dark side of Canada’s meat industry

Article originally published on Daily Hive. COVID-19 has created a crisis for the meat industry, with workers falling ill, slaughterhouses shutting down, and fears of meat shortages emerging. The virus has also exposed the industry’s deep flaws, including an ethical vacuum at its core. Disturbing reports that meat companies failed to protect employees and allowed…

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We can’t afford to ignore the deadly wildlife trade

Article originally published on Daily Hive. While the world is understandably preoccupied with the disastrous consequences of COVID-19, the global wildlife trade – the likely cause of the pandemic – is getting less attention. Scientists have raised concerns about the issue for years, but they were ignored. It’s an inescapable fact: we were warned. Back in…

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GM Canada should stop sponsoring the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race

Article originally published on Daily Hive. The death of six horses in last year’s Calgary Stampede chuckwagon race may have marked a turning point in public support for the event, with even die-hard chuckwagon fans calling for change. The key question, however, is whether corporate sponsors of the race will continue to support an event…

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The Greater Vancouver Zoo must chart a new course

Article originally published in the Georgia Straight. To watch the Siberian tiger at the Greater Vancouver Zoo pace back and forth along the fence of her enclosure is to witness to one of the most common experiences of zoo animals: boredom. The pacing is recognized by animal behaviourists as a “stereotypy”, which has been described…

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Why the CFL’s Grey Cup rodeo is a huge marketing blunder

Article originally published on Daily Hive. The Canadian Football League’s decision to hold a rodeo as part of this year’s Grey Cup festivities is a marketing blunder that not only ignores public concerns about animal welfare but also tarnishes the CFL’s brand by linking it to rodeo’s narrow cultural appeal. Sure, rodeo is popular in…

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