Our work

Our name is local, the animal issues we cover are global


Farmed animals

Farmed animals are seen by many as food. We see them as beings who suffer unnecessarily. Learn about alternatives to eating meat, dairy, and eggs and how to get support to change your diet.


Helping injured pets

The pets we help are superheros. They provide emotional support to their caregivers and get to experience the joy of a loving home. We help ensure their medical needs are met so they don’t hurt anymore.


Animals in captivity

Wild animals are kept behind bars and in tanks across Canada with very little to do. They are bored and frustrated. Learn what you can do to speak up for them.

Learn about other animal issues


Working to end the wildlife trade

Canadian businesses and individuals contribute to the risk of creating the next pandemic. Get involved in advocating for an end to the cruel wildlife trade.


Ending rodeo cruelty

Rodeo is cruel to animals because it subjects them to fear, pain, stress and the risk of injury or death for the purpose of human entertainment. VHS has worked for years to see an end to cruel rodeo events.


Animal abuse for entertainment

From sled dogs to roadside zoos, people have exploited animals for a profit for many years. Learn about the big issues and how you can make a difference.