McVitie veterinary assistance program

The McVitie veterinary assistance program aims to assist low-income individuals with essential health care issues. Essential health care is considered to be treatment without which the ill or injured animal will die, require humane euthanasia, or cause undue suffering to the pet. 

To qualify for veterinary assistance, applicants must:

  1. be able to provide evidence of low-income status.
  2. be a permanent resident of British Columbia.
  3. submit an application prior to treatment (or within 3 days after veterinary care is provided in emergency situations).
  4. provide a history and photos of the pet as part of the application process.
  5. only request financial assistance for one pet per household per year, and two pets for the lifetime of the applicant.
  6. agree to follow the directions of the veterinarian regarding after care.

Please note: The Vancouver Humane Society screens applications according to a set of criteria. Funding is not guaranteed and will be provided directly to the veterinary clinic.  The amount that the Vancouver Humane Society may be able to contribute will depend entirely on the funds available. You may need to work out a payment plan with the veterinary clinic to pay for the remainder of what is not funded by the Vancouver Humane Society.

Apply for services

To apply for veterinary assistance funding, submit an application below.

Phone: 604-336-1390 (voicemail only)

You may be asked to provide proof of income before proceeding with your file
Please answer the following: How you got your pet, what happened to them that led you to call VHS for assistance, what they mean to your family, any cute quirks or sweet/funny habits they have, etc.
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